lara axelrod: Billions Cast All Characters & Cast by Season SHOWTIME

lara axelrod: Billions Cast All Characters & Cast by Season SHOWTIME


In 2017, after introducing Taylor Mason in season 2, Billions became the first American TV series to have a non-binary character and actor. The series has received positive comments because of its representation of non-binary gender, with praise for its depiction of inclusion of gender-neutral singular they pronouns in the workplace. Halfway through the series I realised how alone Axe is when Lara left him and started another war regarding the division of assets. It honestly feels like her part is written for the sole purpose of adding more female characters to the plot.


As the smartest character on the show and CEO of the mega-successful Axe Capital hedge fund, Bobby lives, breathes, and sleeps money. He lives a luxurious lifestyle of expensive taste, including the purchase of several Picasso paintings in season 4. To research the current filming timeline a bit, showrunner and co-creator Brian Koppelman shared a photo on Instagramof the first table read of Billions season three back on August 30. Stephen Bear’s fiancée Jessica Smith, 24, reveals she is sticking by shamed reality star despite him being… She’s riding high as Lara Axelrod, the ruthless wife of an ambitious hedge fund king in Showtime’s hit new series, Billions.

Chuck Rhoades Sr. – $200 Million

The tough but the lady from Inwood oozed badassery since her introduction and mirrored Axe in many ways. Finding huge success with its first two seasons, it was announced last month that BIllions was to return for a third series. The show, which is currently in its second series, follows ambitious hedge fund manager Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod, as one of the only survivors in his company following the September 11 attacks in New York. Alex Murdaugh is heckled about surviving son Buster as he leaves court to begin life sentence for double… Despite her very obvious attractions, the Swedish beauty revealed she hasn’t read any of the social media comments about her red carpet gowns for years.

  • We are one of the world’s fastest growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world.
  • I would say that I mostly used aspects and moments of my own upbringing to create this character.
  • However, what is extraordinarily childish is not only that she runs away, but takes Bobby’s children away.
  • His intelligence and power also pull double to hide his nature as a ruthless and vindictive player that takes no prisoners, causing many to fear his wrath should they ever cross him.
  • The only person more detestable than Lara this year is the fucking AG.

Other indicators supporting Wags’ wealth include the time he casually donated $500,000 in season 1, which did not make a difference in his bank account. Moreover, if Axe has been managing Wags’ money since September 11, 2001, then he’s still doing extremely well. Hopefully, he returns to give Chuck even more hell in season 6. With over a month until Axe and Chuck clash heads once again, now is a good time to take stock of the wealthiest characters’ bank accounts and see how they stack up with one another. While it’s impossible to know their exact net worth, drips and drabs of info provide accurate estimations throughout the series.

In a time ripe with women empowerment movements, strong female characters are perhaps more engaging than ever. Akerman stars as one such complex and powerful woman in the hit dramaBillions. Set in the world of New York high finance, the show revolves around power politics as U.S. attorney Chuck Rhoades and ambitious hedge-fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod use their wits and influence to outmaneuver each other. Akerman portrays Lara, Axe’s spouse who is anything but a trophy wife and acts as an equal partner in their relationship. Lara rose from humble beginnings to become a billionaire’s wife, and she isn’t afraid to do whatever she needs to do in order to protect her family or get what she wants. Portraying one of the main characters on the Showtime drama series Billions, Malin Akerman stars as Lara Axelrod, the wife of billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, portrayed by Damian Lewis.

Where In The World Is Lara Axelrod On Billions?

As the long-running United States Attorney General and a constant thorn in the side of Chuck Jr. during seasons 3 and 4, Waylon “Jock” Jeffcoat has amassed quite a bit of wealth in his day. Jock wields tremendous power and influence over Wall Street and uses his vast intellect to make obscene amounts of money. Part of this figure comes from her annual salary working for the prestigious Axe Capital hedge fund, and another huge portion comes from the bonus she received from Axe following the Ice Juice endeavor.

She was 37-years-old when the first season started filming in 2015. Billions is considered the first American TV series to have a non-binary character . As such, it was nominated for Outstanding Drama Series in the 29th, 30th, 31st GLAAD Media Awards for its representation of the LGBTQ community.

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She doesn’t have to run away, but not even showing an ingot of support to her partner of 15 years? He didn’t cheat on her, this isn’t some soul crushing lie either. And when lara axelrod says he won’t be running either, to top it all off, she even looks disappointed. A Showtime spokesperson, however, insists that should Billions snag a Season 5 (the show’s fourth season bows Sunday, March 17), Akerman will remain a part of the show, albeit on a recurring basis. The rep notes that the network adjusted the actress’ long-term contract to enable her to also pursue other series work.

‘Billions’ Season 5 Preview: It’s about time Bobby Axelrod gets a ruthless woman like Lara in his life

Her facial expression within the shot above is very professional and reserved due to wanting to show respect for her husband within his workspace around his colleagues. Especially within the trading and FBI situation they are all getting caught up in at the time. As you can see on her face she is showing a quite concerned face but caring face, as well as showing bluntly that she is annoyed mainly by the position and shape of her mouth in the shot. This is also emphasised by the direct eye contact which she has with Axe. Some plotlines mirror real-life prosecutions of financial crime by federal authorities. The series was inspired by the investigations undertaken by Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan from 2009 to 2017, on whom Rhoades is based.

Stunning and stylish, Lara Axelrod is the picture of a billionaire’s wife. A former nurse, she grew up in a blue-collar family of police and firefighters and still thinks of herself as a tough girl from Inwood. Lara’s not afraid to marshal her considerable resources to protect her family — or to get what she wants. Taylor is a brilliant, young gender non-binary intern at Axe Capital whom Bobby spots and mines for their outside-the-box way of thinking. At any given time, Taylor is usually the smartest person in the room.

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Attorney Chuck Rhodes who was portrayed by Paul Giamatti, was somewhat critical of Giamatti’s casting – jokingly referring to the Italian American actor as “noted Indian American actor Paul Giamatti”. You’re not wrong, but they don’t exactly give her a lot to do. Much like Skyler and Walt Jr. in BB, they only exist to give the main character a family. Yeah if she was cut from the show, would anything really change? Axelrod probably only has a wife and kids so that the writers don’t have to deal with him being single and the escapades viewer would expect from a man in his position. On Billions Season 3, Akerman’s character, Lara Axelrod, finalized her divorce from Damian Lewis’ Bobby “Axe” Axelrod.

She also appeared on NBC series Chicago Fire, and presently portrays Deb Kawi on Showtime drama Billions. The first, brought by Denise Shull and the ReThink group in 2019 , alleged that Billions ripped off Shull’s book and based character “Wendy Rhoades” on her likeness. She also argues that Billions engaged her as a consultant on the show, but did not compensate or credit her for her time, as Shull claims is illustrated in a recently released video. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss the suit, saying that Shull’s book and the show are not substantially similar.

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In February 2022, the series was renewed for a seventh season. In addition, season 4 of the show depicts the character of Chuck Rhoades coming out as a practitioner of BDSM in a public political speech. The show’s producers retained the services of noted BDSM lifestyle expert Olivia Troy as a consultant to help ensure the activities are portrayed both accurately and safely. My personal favorite moment of the show from there Axelrod, is when Bobby Axelrod finds out he’s getting arrested, he runs upstairs barefoot freaking out, And tells his wife Lara to get the kids, they’re going to run away.

The best Billions episodes are inversely proportionate to how many scenes Lara is in. She’s always been a condescending piece of shit who simultaneously tries to act like she’s an “everywoman” while at the same time talking down to any and everyone she feels is beneath her. All the evidence is pointing towards her being a piece of trash. Her one scene this week was being horrified at having to live a paired down lifestyle. Wags is doing a whole boxing referee thing, of course. Astanding eight count, also known as a protection count, is a boxing judgment call made by a referee during a bout.

  • Yeah if she was cut from the show, would anything really change?
  • Damian’s production company Ginger Biscuit Entertainment Ltd. to co-produce.
  • When the count reaches eight, the referee often moves back two steps and instructs the boxer to walk towards them and hold their arms out.
  • Lara’s not afraid to marshal her considerable resources to protect her family — or to get what she wants.

I have just seen the whole series and I feel where you are coming from, I don’t like her but I think that’s a bit too harsh on her. Not all characters can be moving forward at once, there needs to be a character to ‘stand still’ to highlight the changes to the other protagonists throughout the series. I think the fact that she is cut off from the action and other actors, is to show that when Axe does things, it affects those that aren’t apart of his work. For one, she brings nothing remotely extraordinary as an individual. She constantly brags that she’s a businesswoman, but we have yet to see evidence of even one successful venture, never mind the scale of something like Bobby’s hedge fund. She doesn’t even understand perhaps the most important facets of business such as competitive advantages, or even a basic Porter’s 5 Forces.


He’s pure seething energy, now consumed entirely with demolishing Taylor , his former protege who betrayed him at the end of season 3. If Bobby could, he’d incinerate Taylor Mason Capital with the full force of the blue lasers he calls eyes.